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Your Ticket To Comfort

American Limousine is your ticket to comfort and class no matter where you are traveling. Not only do we provide first-class service in Cleveland, Columbus, and surrounding areas, we can arrange your ground transportation needs in more than 1,000 major business centers around the globe.

American Limousine


We’ll make your experience in Cleveland or Columbus a five-star luxury one.

Whether you’re planning a business trip to Cleveland or celebrating an event in Columbus, American Limousine welcomes you! Since 1948, we’ve been providing first-class, personalized chauffeur services throughout the Northeast Ohio region. Our Columbus location was opened nearly 20 years ago and has provided the same five-star service throughout the Central Ohio region since.

We’re Ohioans at heart and, as such, we love our cities and have extensive knowledge about the area’s best hotels, restaurants, attractions, and venues. Our close relationships with these businesses help us to provide extra special experiences while eliminating unforeseen hassles.

As founding members of the National Limousine Association, we have helped elevate the industry, creating standards of excellence and forming a worldwide chauffeur network to meet the needs of global travelers.

For travel management and personalized quotes, easy online reservations, our customer care specialists are committed to making your experience with American Limousine seamless, enjoyable, and memorable.


A Premium and Versatile Fleet

With so many repeat clients, our services are highly in demand. Because of this, we are continually updating our fleet of luxury sedans, SUVs, limousines, vans, and buses that are meticulously cared for to accommodate executives, individuals, families, and groups looking for exceptional integrity, reliability, and value.


Experienced Travel Managers

Have a special request? Work with our team of dedicated travel managers, and trust that your plans are given necessary attention by American’s knowledgeable staff.. From detailed logistics to passenger manifests and updates, on-site management, our team is committed to taking the stress off our clients. Our fleet showroom is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Schedule a time to visit our showroom, we will be sure the vehicle you are interested in will be on location.


100% committed to safety and security

Our primary mission is to make sure your privacy and well-being are protected. It’s why our chauffeurs undergo thorough background investigations and extensive, ongoing certification and safety training. We conduct regular on-site audits to ensure compliance with stringent industry standards.


24/7 Accountability

We stay connected to the road to deliver responsive and reliable services. Each vehicle connects to our command center through real-time GPS tracking and advanced communications equipment. These technologies enable us to monitor vehicle locations, respond quickly to emergencies, make adjustments to routes and deploy more vehicles if necessary. Through strategic planning and constant monitoring, we create the safest and fastest means of getting passengers where they want to be.


Family Owned and Operated for over 70 years

Since 1948, American Limousine and the Mazzarella family have represented uncompromising reliability, and impeccable professionalism, safety, security, and quality. Wherever you travel, we provide you the industry’s widest array of luxurious and innovative travel options. Our traditional offerings remain the strong foundation for our wide breadth of services, but we continue to add to our list of travel solutions. We will meet with you in person, earning your business by earning your trust.

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